Spawned from my desire to design a long modern taper well suited to longer spey lines with emphasis on positive lift and controlled sweep characteristics. The Classic Spey is a rod with a strong tip, fast recovery speed, medium action, and progressive flex profile. This taper is designed specifically to lift and carry longer lines into the D-loop and handle the unique power application of the longer belly technique. I have been working on this taper for a few years to get it to what I feel is a “good” 13’ bamboo spey rod. Top hand technique with a delayed lower hand power thrust works great for longer lines and with a shooting head the rod responds well to lots of lower hand power. Really a jack of all trades and comfortable with all line types and casters. Available in 6 models.

12363 – 12’3” 6/7 weight. Grains 400-575.
12373 – 12’3” 7/8 weight. Grains 450-600.
12673 – 12’6” 7/8 weight. Grains 450-625.
12683 – 12’6” 8/9 weight. Grains 480-650.
13073 – 13’ 7/8 weight. Grains 450-650.
13083 – 13’ 8/9 weight. Grains 480-700.