Bamboo as a material for crafting a fly rod brings all of the attributes that nature has engineered into the grass itself; subtlety, delicacy and the ability to store up tremendous amounts of energy through its fibres and natural taper. Bamboo fly rods have a sensation, rhythm and feeling that many anglers admire so greatly, that the admiration borders on religion.  In my own angling, I feel that bamboo holds a tremendous connection to the natural world and a beauty almost beyond description.  Bamboo is also solidly rooted in the history and tradition of our sport.  When I make your rod, I attempt to marry all these intangible qualities with the physical attributes that I feel are essential in a good fly rod; power, line speed potential, positive lift, ability to turn a fish, and balanced weight distribution.  A maker instils these qualities into a fly rod by manipulating the natural material through his taper design and building process.  The following pages contain my offering of hollowbuilt fly rods that I feel exemplify this marriage of natural material, careful design, and exacting build process.