Offered to you in three models, the TroutSpey rods are really a blast to cast and fish. Shorter and lighter in weight than their big brothers these rods allow for the true personality of the trout to shine thru and do not overwhelm his efforts to escape the angler, instead highlighting his tremendous sporting qualities.

10643 – The shortest, lightest spey rod I have designed, truly a rod designed for fishing trout with two hands. 10’6” in length for a 4/5 line weight, even 12” fish are a blast to play on this rod. A medium stiff tip, medium action, progressive/regessive taper that is a joy to cast and fish with a dry line or trout weight sinking tips. This rod taper is built very light weight and enjoys a caster that engages both the lower and upper hand during the forward delivery stroke. Designed with floating line presentations in mind, scandi lines and standard WF singlehand lines uplined are my favorite lines for this rod, although capable of casting an appropriately weighted Skagit short line nicely. Grains 210-350.

101053 – A slightly longer, heavier line weight version of the 10643. A true 5 weight. 10′ 10″ length. Grains 240-400.

11053 – This 11’ 5/6 weight two hander really has a foot in 2 worlds, bridging the gap between large trout and a short rod suitable for smaller summer steelhead and salmon. With a fast progressive taper very similar in character to the Summer Run rod models. Grains 300-450.