Designing, building and honing the tapers for these rods have been my intense focus for the past few years. My goal in making these rods has always been and will continue to be to combine the finest casting qualities of both cane and synthetic materials to achieve rods with a modern, intuitive, powerful and responsive action that are comfortable with both modern and traditional line systems and techniques while possessing good balance and minimal weight.

All of the two handed fly rods I make are my own designs realized through real world R&D. All two handed fly rods feature splice joints, are hollowbuilt, impregnated and available in the 3pc format. Tried, tested and true, it is my hope that these new two handed rod designs will add another dimension of joy and connection to the fishermen I am lucky to craft them for. It is with an intense love of fishing with two handed bamboo fly rods that I proudly offer the following tapers to my fellow anglers.

* Specific line recommendations are available for all rods and all line styles

Double Hand Rod Gallery