Contained within the galleries of this section are photographs of anglers, fly rods, fish and the environment where they are all at thier very finest. You are urged to grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage, sit down and have a look around. I have also included many short video clips of some of the different rod models I make being cast in an attempt to add a third dimension to written descriptions and photographs. I will be updating these galleries quite often with both new photographs in addition to new video as the latest rods are completed and leave my hands for their respective homes and exciting new waters. The Classic Reel Weights page is a user submitted database of information about both vintage as well as modern classic salmon reels that many anglers will find helpful in choosing a specific reel to balance a special two handed fly rod. The Links page contains an ever growing number of fly fishing related websites all of which I highly reccomend visiting. Please make yourself at home.