The taper that started it all for me and still my go-to taper for fall/winter steelhead fishing. This rod has a strong tip, medium-fast speed and a full flexing, powerful progressive/regressive feel… like a slingshot pulled back. These rods play large steelhead very well and really absorb and dampen rough headshakes and the abrupt changes of direction some bright fish tend to make ensuring that your hook holds fast. Originally designed to cast Skagit heads with heavy tips and large flies (which this rod does extremely well), I have also come to enjoy casting modern scandi lines on this rod. The Winter Run rod taper begs to be cast with power from the lower hand and a compact stroke and rewards this type of caster with easy distance. A great choice for all shooting heads and short spey lines. Offered in 2 models.

111073 – 11’10” 7/8 weight. Grains 450-600.
12083 – 12’ 8/9 weight. Grains 470-620.