My influences as a rodmaker are vast and varied – from the coastal rainforest of British Columbia to the writing of Sir Roderick Haig-Brown to local craftsmen and artists.  I have learned a lot about what makes a good fly rod by studying the methods of, and fishing the rods made by classic bamboo rodmakers.  E.C. Powell, Lyle Dickerson, Paul Young, Jim Payne, and the Heddon Rod Company have all influenced the designs of my own rods.  I have taken something away from each of these makers, and wish to continue to build upon the foundation laid by these pioneers.  With that said, I also draw inspiration from many contemporary fly rod makers, whether they chose to work with bamboo, graphite or fibreglass to build their rods.  I feel that there are things to be learned from all, and I will continue to explore new ideas from the present and past as I strive to craft the bamboo fly rods of the future.