This family of tapers has evolved more than any other on my quest to design a truly contemporary bamboo spey rod. If the Winter Run taper is the Mack truck, then this taper is the Ferrari. This modern, Scandinavian style taper features a mid-tip flex progressive action with a strong butt, extra-fast speed and a strong tip. This rod suits underhand casters perfectly, regardless of line type/design. Re-designed for this year and is quickly proving to be a favorite among both new and experienced anglers. Equally at home with all line styles, however for me casting either a mid-weight scandi line or an upper grain short spey line really lets this rod taper shine. Available in 4 models.

11363 – 11’3” 6 weight. Grains 370-500.
11663 – 11’6” 6/7 weight. Grains 400-540.
11973 – 11’9” 7 weight – Grains 430-590.
12073 – 12’ 7/8 weight – Grains 450-620.