8982 8’9″ 8wt – Walden’s Steelhead Special

Out of the same mold as the 8052 and 7042 this is a very strong and versatile heavy line weight fly rod. An absolute rocket with a modern WF8 fly line and capable of casting shooting heads or specialty lines to 320 grains a very long way. A quick and powerful taper featuring a stiff butt and a decidedly tip/mid progressive flex while distributing the load effectively down the entire rod. A powerhouse of a rod with excellent feel and transmission of power through the cast. Equally at home lifting a long line or shooting through the wind. Designed for summer and fall steelhead this taper would make a great saltwater or pike/bass rod as well.

*Available configured with either a splice joint or nickle-silver ferrule

This taper bears the surname of a friend and lifelong fisherman named David Wallden who is one hell of a good rod and a terrific summer run steelhead fisherman and cutthroat beach fisherman from Vancouver Island, BC. Few I have met can cast a line quite as well or as long as Dave with a single hand rod. I have learned much from Dave about summer steelhead fishing as I am sure I will continue to learn from him. This rod in his hands would easily throw an entire fly line and I cannot even image how much backing…. Thanx Dave