8862/3 8’8″ 6wtSeaRun Trout

This rod was designed for Pacific Northwest beach fishing for sea-run coastal cutthroat trout and earlier models in the evolution carried the name “the Cutty 88”. A longer rod with the ability to punch through a headwind that exhibits excellent loop control character on the forward stroke. This taper excels at carrying a lot of line in the air comfortably while retaining excellent roll casting qualities. Medium fast speed of recovery with a slight regression to the taper in the butt section that can be engaged by the angler either when the rod is fully line loaded or the caster engages in a double haul cast with a locked wrist snap forward delivery stroke. Not a “one trick pony” by any means, this model is more than happy to do double duty as a streamer rod or big water trout rod.

*Available as either a 2pc spliced jointed or ferruled as well as a 3pc with spliced joints.